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Seeking truths in all religions brought Kevin Smith into a refined study of the theologies of numerous faiths and cultures that has spanned decades. He was ordained in the Church of Spiritual Science on November 1, 1993. His quest includes the practice of Reiki, working with his Spirit Guides, the Hierarchy of Angels, Assembly of Prophets, and the Ascended Masters.

Reverend Smith has nurtured and grown in his ability to give loving, powerful guidance, and energy healing. He assists others in all four aspects of the body; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

As an Intuitive Channel, ancient Sacred Spirits speak through Kevin. These ancients often communicate their concern for the planet, the inhabitants thereof, and their relationship to Creator. Reverend Kevin is gifted with clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), and clairsentient (feeling) abilities.

Kevin provides the following:

• Personal readings and healings
• Workshops • Weddings
• Absentia readings
• Consultations
• International educational travel opportunities

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