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As an Intuitive Channel, Spirits speak through Kevin Smith. Kevin is sometimes guided to walk up to people he meets in passing, explains that he has a message for them, and often to their astonishment (but no longer to his), delivers a brief, but powerful message to the recipient. More than a few cashiers, waiters, and fellow customers have been uplifted and amazed by their “chance meeting.” Rather than taking a chance that Rev.

Kevin may not cross your path about town, but you have the good fortune of being able to set up an appointment for your spiritual counseling message.

The Ancients communicate through Kevin with a message and guidance absolutely intended for you. In meditative quiet one-on-one meetings, over the phone, or even via skype, you can have confidence that your time with this caring intuitive channel will provide knowledge to help you gently heal the past or even jump-start your next step.

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