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What others have been saying about Absolute Journey
I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful reading you gave me last weekend.

Your insights into my thoughts and feelings were remarkable. Although we had never met before, it was like you had been with me all my life and knew what I had experienced through the years.

Your comments about my path and future were very uplifting and comforting. The messages you shared from my guardian angels and loved ones were so heart-warming and confirmed my feeling that I’m never really alone. I feel so blessed to have met you and received these wonderful messages.

Again, I thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with me.
Sally, 60 - Nebraska
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading! Rev. Kev was accurate about things he couldn’t possibly have known otherwise.

Not only did he validate my aspirations, he advised me. Taking his advice to heart, I already feel more centered and sure footed in my journey, with more bounce in my step, too!

I am happy to recommend him.
Melissa, 32 - Nebraska
Kevin…….Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am for connecting with you.

You were the person I was searching for so many years to walk with me through these dark times. I am so grateful to Spirit for answering my prayer for help with this depression.

You made sense of this depression and gave me a way out for which I will always be grateful.
M – Yukon Territory – The Land of the Midnight Sun
Hello Kevin, I have had many readings in the past but no one has been able to connect with me with such accuracy.

I went to the meeting and as you said “held my head high and spoke my truth” I know that it will not make a difference to their decisions and they will continue to build an empire on the backs of impoverished people resources for the ole boys but at least I spoke the truth.

I don’t plan to return to other meetings as I see that people are much too afraid thus I end up always taking the blunt of the politics. I also received my refund in the time frame you predicted.

I am struggling with the depression and at times wonder if anti-depressants would help but have seen the adverse effects on my daughter. I am taking St. John’s Wort and will be using my light. I am following your instructions by meditating in the am and pm.

I am not able to hear Spirit’s voice as yet as the ego is running the show. I am affirming that would every leaf that falls I let go and let GOD.
Ann -Alberta, Canada
Rev. Kev was awesome. No here and there, just straight to the point. I left him with encouragement and strength.
O.J. 42 - Nebraska
Thanks to Rev. Kev’s wonderful spiritual coaching I have found more balance, peace and more constant love in my life. He has helped me look past the two dimensional view of society’s “right – wrong” judgement and embrace Creator’s Divine Love.
Carol 50 - Nebraska
Getting a reading done by Rev. Kev was a great experience for me and he helped me understand certain things I was feeling that I myself could not put into words. And I thank him for that.
Veronica 17 - Nebraska
My experience with Rev Kev’s reading was nothing short of remarkable. He nailed down my past years of challenges and gave affirmation from Spirit that I AM on the right path for my life as it unfolds. He accurately revealed my sources for emotional comfort, closure, and future spiritual growth with hope and optimism. All good!
Nancy - Nebraska
Thank you so much for guidance on my spiritual journey. It was my first reading with you, but I was provided with more clarification and spiritual guidance than in readings with others. You reinforced that I am highly empathetic and stated that I am a healer. This statement brought an understanding to the feeling that I want to help people and animals, however I was unsure of how I could do this.

We discussed ways to research the various methods of energy healing, which is an interest of mine. Prior to the reading with you I was confused on how to proceed and we discussed various ideas on continuing to pursue my true gifts and interests.

I feel more centered and focused than I previously have. The moment we met I felt you are a kind, caring and and gentle soul. I look forward to our next reading and God bless.
Deb 60 - Nebraska